What is Lufthansa Frequent Flyer Program?

Lufthansa Frequent flyer program is called Miles & More. You can earn Miles, rewards for every Lufthansa flights that can be used to:

  • Free / Reduced Flights
  • Baggage allowance
  • Access to Lounges

Lufthansa Frequent Flyer Tiers

The Miles and More program consist of three tiers;

  1. Frequent Traveller
  2. Senator,
  3. HON Circle.

Frequent Traveller qualifies one for Star Alliance silver status, whereas Senator and HON Circle are equivalent to Star Alliance gold status.

Mileage Benefits

As is common with many frequent flyer programs, any member of the Miles & More program who have status are able to earn bonus miles in the form of both redeemable award miles and status miles. As a note, when you are a status member with Miles and More, your award miles do not expire. However in the Miles and More program, members are all eligbile to earn the same amount at all of their tiers. Frequent Travellers, Senators, and HON Circle members alike are able to earn up to 50% award miles on flights and 25% more status and HON Circle Miles.

Anther benefits that Lufthansa has is that earning of selected miles which can only be earned by any airlines in the Lufthansa family. Select Miles essentially serve as a way to make up for the large gap in the mileage requirements between tiers. Select Miles result in result in gifts that members can claim.

When frequent flyers status, the first status comes at 50,000 miles and at senator status the first at 125,000 miles

Lounge Access

Lufthansa is similar to British Airways in the ways their lounges are organized, where some are only for frequent flyers. They have the business lounge, the Senator lounge, their first class lounges, and even a first class terminal.

Priority Benefits

Priority Check-In: Frequent Traveller: Frequent Traveller status holders are able to use business class check in lines with Miles More partners. This would indicate that with other Star Alliance airlines, you are unlikely to be able to access priority check-in lines Senator: Senator status holders are able to access first class and premium check-in lines regardless of the airline as long as it falls under Star Alliance or any Lufthansa partner airline. HON Circle: HON Circle status holders can similarly use first class check in lines when flying star alliance or other Lufthansa Partner airlines.

You can fly out of the first-class terminal from Frankfurt on a Lufthansa family of Aircrafts.

Priority Baggage Handing

Lufthansa keep priority baggage handling short and sweet. Frequent Travellers do not get preference service. HON Circle: HON Circle status holders get priority handing.

Mileage Redemption, Upgrade and Seat Guarantee Benefits

The crux of a frequent flying program for most people is the ability to redeem their miles for flights at good value. This has become increasingly more difficult in recent years with a number of devaluations by airlines across the world. Lufthansa however, has found ways to make it so that their elite members are able to find more value in their redemptions. Unfortunately, this is only true for Senator and HON Circle members as these benefits are not extended to Frequent Travellers. Both Senators and HON members are able to take advantage of both flight increased award availability.

For senators, they are able to take advantage of improved booking of chances of Senator Premium awards, but able to 1.5x cost of premium tickets. Hon circle members and up to 3 others are guaranteed the best flight awards availability if seats are available for up to 14 days before departure.

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