13 Tips How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

13 tips how to find cheap airline tickets – As a young, surely most of you have a high mobility. Want to explore every exciting destination all over your country even tourist destinations that are abroad. Unfortunately, the classic problem named budget has always been a big wall that prevents your plan on traveling.

Therefore, we will give you tips on hunting cheap tickets around the world to be your dream come true. Limited funds to purchase air tickets is not a barrier to going traveling. Follow the tips tips how to find cheap airline tickets in the article below.

Tips How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Tips how to find cheap airline tickets

13 Ways How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets
1. Book flight tickets in distant days

It is no secret if booked tickets in advance the possibility of getting a lower price is much greater. You can try this way to see fares via the official website as well as online booking sites provided by third parties. Look at the list price offered for flights within the period of the next 1-2 months.

Hunting for a ticket ahead of time, also can get a lower price and also give certainty of departure. If the flight tickets were already booked, then you remain to prepare other necessities such as accommodation to consumption during the tour. You do not need to worries anymore to transport problems because the tickets are in your hands.

2. Diligent to compare the prices

Although serving the same route between one airline to another airline has ticket prices are vary. Therefore you must be diligent to open the official website of each airline and compare them. You are looking for not only the airlines that offer the lowest prices alone but looking also giving excess returns for passengers.

Now, with the presence of online booking sites created by third parties cooperating with the various types of airlines make it easier for you to compare prices. You no longer need to open the air carrier’s website one by one because it is through this booking sites already summarized the various prices of many airlines. It is not impossible for you to find the ticket prices are very skewed if you are diligent in comparing the price per airline ticket.

3. Subscribe to information from the airline’s website directly or ticket booking sites

The third way to help determine if there’s enough cheap tickets or promotions of a particular airline is by registering your email address at the search site as well as flight tickets to the official website of the various aircraft carrier. Thus, any new updates about the cheap fares or promos you will be informed directly to your email address.

By subscribing to this information will benefit you regarding ticket information updates. In addition to becoming a member of these sites, there is a possibility we get a special discount in the amount varied. Although sometimes not very significant but tolerable not get discounted ticket that is not necessarily in other people get.

4. Avoid the holiday peak season

Every country has certain times where tourists will come together; this is called the holiday peak season. The European region experienced a high at the end of the current year until the new year ahead. The times of peak season also generally coincides with the extended holiday period. You must know holiday peak season in each region and as much as possible avoid these times.

At peak season, tourists will be very reliable and have an impact on the high price of the tickets. Also, the risk did not get the best seats also increased significantly due to many tourists who have bought seats before you. Look additional days out of season solid, if necessary, you can plan a vacation absence. Tickets outside the peak season are cheaper.

We recommend that you avoid the holiday season such as the school recess, feast, until the new year when going to book a plane ticket. Because at the time of the festival, confirmed all prices would soar necessities of life, including the ticket.

Traveling outside of public holidays also have a distinct sensation, especially for those who are an anti crowd. Many travels in different objects, can make you can enjoy the holiday freely. You can get around this by doing a sabbatical at the company where you work, or school/college if you are.

5. Traveling in groups

Outsmart the cost of transportation, will be cheaper; you can do by going traveling in groups. Invite friends to take a walk together can save money not only for transport but also accommodation. Especially for flight tickets, many airlines give discounts for those who book seats in large quantities.

Do not forget to order it distant days to get a lower price and avoid the risk of running out of the chair because you ordered in bulk. Vacation with an entourage, guaranteed to save money both during start the trip up to tourist destinations. Good luck guys.

6. Researching in advance to ticket

With the development of the modern era, there is much online travel agency that offers competitive prices. In fact, the competition in the online travel agency can be detrimental to a traveler who becomes consumers. Not infrequently, many consumers are deceived.

But not all online travel agencies commit fraud under the guise of a cheap price quote. How to identify real or not is to look for certain first. Trusted online travel agency, usually has a call center number, office address clearly, and do not use a personal account for payment. If there are fraudsters in the name of the travel agency and offer cheap fares to ask you to send some money for reasons that are realistic, do not believe it!

7. Actively monitoring in social media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path and others, can also be a source of information on various promos and great deals on cheap tickets. Many official websites of the airline and online travel agencies that provide information promo flight tickets through social networking.

Not only promo cheap tickets. Often, airlines and online travel agents hold a competition with a prize of a free plane ticket. Surely traveler must actively monitor the development of the latest information every day with your gadget.

8. Determining the time of booking plane tickets

Quoting from some pages from airlines and online travel agents, the best time to buy airline tickets is 2 to 4 months before departure.

Buy flight tickets at these times, very useful for the traveler who does not want to spend much budget for travel. You can save the cost of buying flight tickets up to 25%.

9. Be “Invisible”

Do not be surprised if you find ticket increasingly expensive every time you check it. This is indeed the case because a website will raise the price based on the cookie in the browser and urge you to make a purchase immediately.

So this does not happen, always use incognito or private browsing mode to stake out the lowest ticket prices. The trick, if you use the Google Chrome browser, press Command (or “Ctrl” if you are using a PC), Shift, and then “N”. For Mozilla Firefox, press the Command, Shift, and “P”. If you are using Safari, click the Safari menu and select “Private Browsing”.

Cookies on your browser are reset whenever you open a new incognito window mode. For your search results previously erased, close all windows with the incognito mode and open a new one.

10. Try to choose two different airlines when departing and returning

The Airline are a diverse selection of makes you can select and adjust your budget already allocated. Some airlines do have quite a lot of price difference. Try to find information about air operations based to get a lower price.

11. Do not be afraid to buy transit tickets

Compared to a straight ticket, a ticket with a transit destination proved to have a lower price. Usually, you will transit around 2 hours to 10 hours; you can customize the itinerary you have prepared.

If you have a transit time of more than 10 hours of good you, choose to book accommodation. However, do not forget to calculate the budget again, whether with high transit ticket you will get the lowest cost.

12. Select the schedule departing in night

Not many people are willing to go with the first or last flight. This is an opportunity for you because the low price first and last had a much lower price.

Although you have to resist sleep during the night to the airport before dawn or after leaving work. Plus you can get to the city early goal and had the free time to stroll more.

And thanks for reading our article about 13 tips how to find cheap airline tickets, I hope our reference help you to get cheap flight tickets for your travelling

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